Residential Architecture

Custom Home Design

The design for a custom home, whether it is a small addition, renovation to an existing house or a new residence, should be just that - custom. The design is dependent upon many components; a unique site, existing conditions, specific preferences of the homeowner, as well as budget. All of these must be taken into consideration in order to complete a successful project.

Each client will have very different needs when it comes to living in their home. Our goal is to translate those needs to paper and develop a plan with complete involvement of the client. The design process takes into account the daily routine of the family, efficient use of space in order to maximize valuable square footage, and the aesthetic desired by the client.

Whether adding on or building new, a residential project is an investment. A successful design must meet the client's needs; functional, aesthetic and budgetary. All of our projects are unique in character, whether a small bathroom/closet addition, a vacation cabin, or a new residence. No matter the project size, we consider all projects as a challenge to meet and exceed the client's expectations.