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We have worked on residential design projects together since 2002, and in 2003 completed the design and construction of our residence in Ellington, CT. Formally establishing our firm created the flexible work environment needed to meet the demands of raising a family.

Many have asked how a married couple can successfully work together...

We each have a specific interest in the field of architecture; Stephen in residential design, Traci in specification writing. Although Traci's primary role is as a consulting specification writer, we collaborate on residential and commercial design projects. Traci takes the lead with client contact, space planning and code review, while Stephen develops the initial design concepts, details and produces all of the drawings for a complete project. Individual strengths, interests, and roles make for a well balanced, successful team.

Traci R. Hillebrecht, NCARB
Stephen A. Agostinucci, RA
Architx, LLC